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Harnessing the elements to
create unique handcrafted products.

Marbling is an ancient art created by floating pigments on water, which are then transferred onto paper or textiles.

It is a collaboration with the elements.

At Marbling Magpie we celebrate this with each design, through the grain of the pigments and the tiny interruptions that form as each pattern evolves. 


The stone pattern is the first step to any marbled design. It is the pattern formed as the paints land on the water’s surface. The design can vary vastly in colour and complexity as the marbler can throw the pigments free and large or small and controlled with a limitless palette.


Once the stone pattern is made and the colours are floating on the water a simple stylus, a needle or stick will do, can be moved through the water in stripes, curls or swirls creating a wake of movement with beautiful effect.


Combs of varying complexities can be swept through the water, knitting the colours into intricate patterns and shapes.


Until this moment, the marbler has little control as to how the water will react to the paint but with this pattern a relationship is created as the marbler makes little waves with the paper as it is laid.


This is the Middle Eastern the art of creating recognisable floral shapes by manipulating the paint as it sits on the water.

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